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Ventilation Systems

Air Conditioning Plants Air Conditioning Plants modular eco ec a+

Air Conditioning Plants

Economic and Energy EfficientEconomic and Energy Efficient
Comfortable LifeComfortable Life
Healthy BreathingHealthy Breathing
Hygienic Air Conditioning Plants Hygienic Air Conditioning Plants modular eco ec a+

Hygienic Air Conditioning Plants

Unlimited ModulesUnlimited Modules
Flexible and Efficient EnergyFlexible and Efficient Energy
Integrated Electronic/Thermal RegulationIntegrated Electronic/Thermal Regulation
Pool Dehumidification Air Conditioning Plants Pool Dehumidification Air Conditioning Plants eco ec a+

Pool Dehumidification Air Conditioning Plants

Dehumidification up to 200kg/hDehumidification up to 200kg/h
Optimal Energy EfficiencyOptimal Energy Efficiency
Environmentally Friendly R410A Cooling FluidnEnvironmentally Friendly R410A Cooling Fluid
Heat Recovery Tools Heat Recovery Tools modular eco ec a+

Heat Recovery Tools

Monoblock Thin and Flexible StructureMonoblock Thin and Flexible Structure
Air Renewal Thermal UnitsAir Renewal Thermal Units
5000m3/h Air Flow5000m3/h Air Flow
Smoke Removal and Compression Fans Smoke Removal and Compression Fans Smoke Removal and Compression Fans Smoke Removal and Compression Fans

Smoke Removal and Compression Fans

Smoke Removal FansSmoke Removal Fans
Compression FansCompression Fans
Jet FansJet Fans

Vensa KlimaProducts Have 1st Grade Vensa Corporate

Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmental change represents environmentally sensitive management approach of Vensa Klima. These approaches are designed for greener future that will be realised by innovative environmental technologies and manufacturing expertise. Vensa Klima aims to create an environmentally friendly society by offering wide range of technology and solutions in houses, offices, businesses, and general infrastructure applications. As a global company, our purpose is to achieve low carbon dioxide emission rates and high recycling rates to meet global goals.

Why Choose Vensa Klima?

While we are manufacturing our own products, our primary goals is higher quality manufacturing by complying with global standards. With this perspective, all local materials in our facilities have CE and TSE certificate and all exported materials are compliant with EN norms. Vensa air control system continues its effective operations by preserving interest of consumers and operating with safe product principle. Vensa will work for highest customer satisfaction with on-time delivery and after sales service approach for high-quality ventilation tools and accessories.

Vensa KlimaVentilation System Manufacturing Technology

havalandırma sistemleri ankaraVensa Klima Innovative and Making Difference Vision

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